ePortfolio use in classroom increases student’s and teacher’s motivation. EUfolio pilot experiences

EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios is evaluating the results of pilot implementations in lower secondary teaching and learning, preparing for the project’s final conference in April 22 this year. The implementations have been not only successfull, they also had a lot of positive side effects for the countries that participated in the pilot.


ePortfolios and the teacher training and mentoring of teachers connected with the implementation resulted in greater awareness of the importance of formative feedback – both by teachers and peers. Furthermore, skills in self-evaluation and a greater sense of responsibility for one’s own learning as well as more awareness of the peers’ progress were developed.


A video, produced by the Lithuanian partners of the EUfolio consortium shows experts’, teachers’ and students’ experiences with ePortfolio-based teaching and learning and provides with opinions of the protagonists of the Lithuanian pilot. As Dziulieta Jonikiene, one of the teachers who participated in the pilot, summarizes:


“This is a great tool for a student, teaching her/him to represent her-/himself in a good way [and] to criticize without offending others and accept the criticism. This project encourages students. Dzulieta also encourages teachers to try the new learning environment and the didactic philosophy connected with it. Teachers “think it takes a lot of time, but to see it does not take the teacher much time. They have to see it themselves and work in that environment.


Teacher and teacher trainer Edita Rabizaite emphasizes that the ePortfolio “encourages communication both among children and between children and their parents. This is an innovation which allows to see what lies behind the grade.”


Vaino Brazdeikis, director of the Lithuanian Centre of Information Technologies in Education, sees how ICT in teaching can help to accompany change in education – not only for the students. “Teachers, who show interest, can start their own portfolio. This would be a chance to deliver their ePortfolio for accreditation.”


EUfolio’s pilot implementation results will be presented in a final conference on April 22 in Dublin castle. Teachers and students from the piloting countries Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain will present their ePortfolio insights together with experts and policy makers. More information and some of EUfolio’s products are and will be available via http://eufolio.eu.

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